New Year’s Day, 2020

Happy healthy and fit 2020 to you and your family! We are welcoming in the new year with family in very beautiful, but icy cold Colorado!

It’s five degrees with the wind chill here! I tried fitting in my fitness by going for a walk outside. The bone chilling wind gusts kept blowing and I started slipping on the ice. I admitted defeat and headed back to our hotel.

Happy Healthy Fit 2020 with LifeBike Portable Pedals

Once again, I am grateful to have invented  LifeBike® Portable Pedals. I was able to burn calories, boost my metabolism and warm up my body from the safety of our toasty hotel!

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To your happy health! Robin

Sitting is the new smoking. Mayo Clinic’s 2-month LifeBike study shows LifeBiking improves blood flow to your brain & body by 96%, as compared with sitting sedentary. Healthy blood flow is necessary for your wellness, immune system and longevity.