Sitting is the new smoking. Do you “smoke” for a living or love someone who does? Most Americans are sedentary more than nine-hours every day. Just sitting there for hours at a time slows your metabolism to a crawl, leads to brain fog, lethargy and back and joint pain.

To add insult to injury, studies from the Blue Zones Solutions, Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School show that you lose 20-minutes of your life for every hour you just sit there. 

I invented LifeBike® Portable Pedals as a easy to use, effective and affordable sitting solution – anywhere! LifeBike® is the only stationary pedal device that’s only 3.5 pounds, comes fully assembled and folds flat in its own tote bag. LifeBike® burns calories, boosts brainpower and increases your energy – at work, at home, when you travel – wherever you sit!

Blood flow matters! According to Mayo Clinic’s two-month study, LifeBike increases blood flow to your brain and body by 96% as compared to sitting sedentary. Don’t just sit there!

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To your happy health!

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Robin B. Palmer
Serial Inventor & Founder/CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
FlyteBike LLC.
LifeBike® is Patented