I am doing my best to take good care of myself during these stressful times. I am especially grateful these days that LifeBike® makes it easy to fit in my fitness. With so much intensity going on around us, I welcome easy, stress-free self-care.

It occurred to me that it could be helpful to share my top tips for using LifeBike® at home or anywhere! In this video, I demonstrate how to open LifeBike®, pedal with your arms and your legs, and fold it up again and put it back in its bag. Thankfully, it is as easy as it looks!

Top Tips for Easy Home Fitness with LifeBike Portable Pedals Inventor Robin Palmer

LifeBike® is the only stationary pedal device that comes fully assembled and also has its own tote bag. You just take LifeBike® out of its bag, open it up and you are ready to burn calories, increase your energy, and boost blood flow to your brain.

Mayo Clinic’s two-month LifeBike study shows that LifeBike® increases blood flow to your brain and body by 96%. As you know, healthy blood flow is key for your immunity, well-being, and longevity.

To your happy health, even now!

Robin Boudreau Palmer
Broadway Star Turned Serial Inventor, CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
FlyteBike LLC.
LifeBike® is Patented