WOW! I am SO GRATEFUL to Hoda and Jenna, and Steve Greenberg for featuring my LifeBike® invention on The TODAY Show! Now TODAY viewers can get fit and stay fit and healthy when working from home!

Despite that our website crashed for over an hour, the link in the segment erroneously displayed “” instead of, and the LifeBike portion was short, we keep receiving SO MANY customers! It feels like a miracle! I wake up every morning dancing the Yippee Dance. My husband, Tom, wakes up every morning laughing at me!

It is also really good timing for viewers who are spending more time sitting at home, due to COVID.

As you may know, Tom and I assembled the previous round of 1,000 LifeBikes ourselves in our garage. Due to popular demand, we sold out and are backordered until November. We are SO HAPPY to be working with a highly recommended new manufacturer! It is also a relief to be out of the garage!

LifeBike is also a GREAT Christmas, Chanukah or Holiday gift for people you love who are spending more time at home these days due to COVID. See it in action @

To your happy health!

Robin Boudreau Palmer
Broadway Star Turned Serial Inventor, CEO
LifeBike® Portable Pedals (IoT)
FlyteBike LLC.

LifeBike® is Patented

PS – LifeBike® is the only stationary pedal device that comes fully assembled and has its own tote bag. You just take LifeBike® out of its bag, open it up and you are ready to burn calories, increase your energy, and feel better – mentally and physically.

Mayo Clinic’s two-month LifeBike study shows that LifeBike® increases blood flow to your brain and body by 96%. Healthy blood flow is key for your immunity, well-being, and longevity.